About the Industrial Parks

The industrial parks are centers of industrial development based on the principles of excellence and a quality work environment. Established by the industrialist Stef Wertheimer, the six parks built in Israel have attracted over 200 companies, providing over 4,000 high-quality jobs.  The Parks have been exceptionally successful in attracting highly productive export industries. Average sales per worker at the parks are $220,000, well above the national average, of which 80% are for export.The economic benefits and services offered by the Industrial Parks attract a wide range of industries from Israel and around the world. All of the Industrial Parks are located in National Priority Development Areas, where the highest level of government industrial grants and tax relief are...
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Model Tefen

Success Stories

Pilo- a Global Leader in the Field of CNC Bicycle Parts.

A bike's derailleur "hanger" is the small part, connected to the chassis that holds the rear gear shift. It functions as a "fuse"- as a strategically placed weak link to protect the chassis. If the rear gear shift becomes damaged, the hanger will snap, avoiding damage to the chassis itself.
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